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Maps made in several stages since October 2009 by Santiago del Moral Durá. Although in the area have already been done a national league race in 2010 and the University World Championship in 2012, the race zones are practically new in the long distance race and the map of the medium distance race areas is new.

Scale according to categories and norms. There is a normative diversion of Scale authorized by the FEDO mapping committee, to use scale 1: 10,000 instead of 1: 15,000 in the long run. Equidistance of 5 m although the intermediate level curve is used in some areas, due to the plain of the area to facilitate the reading of the relief.

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The terrains where the courses of the race will be run are located in the high part of the Cape of Santa Pola, a platform crossed by deep ravines, in some places with walls impassable and of considerable height.

The competition will run on a different map every day, but in both there are areas of repopulation with trees planted in perfectly detectable directions. These tree plantations have produced an outcropping of rocks of considerable size as the machines have ploughed the terrain for planting.

There are so many rocks that it is practically impossible to place them all on the map, although the most important and voluminous ones have been drawn. The whole map has a lot of loose stones, so it is advisable to protect your ankles well.

The terrain, is typical Mediterranean with trees of quite density which as not being pruned by the bottom makes them in general not be very high. Almost the whole map is, despite the density of the vegetation, perfectly passable among the trees.

The area has some elements that are human-made, such as barriers or signs to which must be added a dense network of paths that make the environment complex and that at the same time introduce many variables to the route choice.

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